Short Historical Overview 1897-1932

1897 Foundation of the Viennese Secession

1898 First edition of "Ver Sacrum". Olbrich designs the Wiener Secession.

1899 First edition of the "Fackel" of Karl Kraus; Adolf Loos refurnishes the Café Museum (?Cafe Nihilismus?).

1900 World Fair in Paris, first big success of the Secessionists. The Cafe Central is the meeting place for Peter Altenberg, Egon Friedell, Adolf Loos, Franz Werfel, Karl Kraus, Heimito von Doderer, Leo Trotzki. Put down of the Boxerrebellion in China, Premiere of ?Tosca?, Giacomo Puccini in Rome. Test of the first Zeppelin.

1901 Leo Slezak makes his debut at the opera. Dr. Eugenie Schwarzwald founds the so called Schwarzwaldschule (1. school for free, empirical learning) Teachers among others: A. Loos, A. Schönberg, O. Kokoschka, Dr. H. Kelsen. Queen Victoria of England dies.

1902 Electrification of the tramway in Vienna.

1903 Premiere of Bruckners IX. Foundation of the Wiener Werkstätte by Josef Hoffmann, Kolo Moser and Fritz Wärndorfer (Banker). 1. Flight of the Wright brothers. Suffragettes fight for the right to vote for women. M. Steiff presents theTeddy-Bear.

1904 Beginning of the errection of the Sanatorium Purkersdorf.

1905 Albert Einstein develops his ?Theory of relativity?.

1906 Enrico Caruso gives a guest performance at the Wiener Hofoper. Dreyfus-Affäre closed. earthquake in San Francisco.

1907 The Wiener Werkstätte opens a shop at Graben, first districs of Vienna. Josef Hoffmanns designs the Theatre and Cabaret Fledermaus in Kärntnerstrasse, executed by the Wiener Werkstatte. Pablo Picasso paints ?Les Demoiselles d?Avignon? and invents cubism.

1908 Kunstschau in Vienna. Österreich-Ungarn annexes Bosnien and Herzegowina. J. M. Olbrich dies in Düsseldorf. Breakthrough of the olympic idea in London.

1909 Kunstschau in Vienna. Louis Bleriot flies over the Channel.

1910 Alexander Graf Kolowrat founds Sascha Film. on august 18th Franz Josef celebrates his 80th birthday. Wassily Kandinsky lays the foundation of abstract painting.

1911 Completition of Palais Stoclet in Brussels (begining 1905 - masterpiece of the Wiener Werkstatte). Hugo von Hoffmannstahl writes he piece ?Jedermann?. military putsch in China leads to revolution.

1912 Josef Hoffmann design Graben Café. Robert Oerley is elected president of the Wiener Secession. sinkin of ?Titanic?.

1913 Adolf Loos designs Cafe Capua ein. opening of the concerthall in Vienna.

1914 28. Juni: assassination of Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand und and his wife in Sarajewo. Lotte Lehmann makes her debut at the Wiener Hofoper. exhibition of the Werkbund in Cologne. outbreak of the First World War. opening of thePanama-Channel.

1915 Dagobert Peche becomes member of theWiener Werkstatte.

1916 On november 21st Franz Josef dies. assassination of Rasputin. 1917 octoberrevolution in Russia.

1918 End of the First World War. Austria is republic, Vienna its capital. Gustav Klimt and Koloman Moser die. foundation of Cafe Herrenhof, successor of cafe Griensteidl, called ?Jüngstse Cafe Größenwahn?. regular guests Torberg, Werfel, Musil, Hoffmansthal.

1919 Assassination of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. contact of Versailles.

1920 constitution for Austria (Dr. Hans Kelsen). Salzburger Festspiele.

1921 Print of ?Die letzten Tage der Menschheit? by Karl Kraus. Rudolph Valentino is the most desired men.

1922 Foundation of the UdSSR. ?Deutschlandlied? is considered as national anthem. Johnny Weissmüller, first of his 67 worlsrecords (100 m ? 58,6 sec.)

1923 Dagobert Peche dies at the age of 36 years. Max Reinhardt becomes the director of the theater an der Josefstadt. Hitlers`s putsch fails. currency reform in the Deutsches Reich.

1924 Lenin dies. VIII. Olympic Games: running: Paavo Nurmi winns 5x Gold.

1925 Refoundation of the NSDAP. Josephine Baker becomes a star.

1926 Emperor Hirohito becomes king of Japan. Germany in the Völkerbund. Walt Disneys Mikey Mouse is born.

1927 Josef Hoffmann and Oswald Haerdtl renew the Graben Cafe neu. burning of the Justizpalastes in Vienna. Charles Lindberg overflies the atlantic. Premiere of ?Metropolis? by Fritz Lang.

1928 Carl Witzmann designs Cafe Casa Piccola in Mariahilferstraße. Premiere of ?Dreigroschenoper? by Brecht. Alexander Fleming discovers Penicillin.

1929 24. Oktober: Black Friday at the stock exchange in New Yorker. First Oscar-Ceremony in Hollywood. Erich Maria Remarque publishes the novel ?Im Westen nichts Neues?.

1930 Opening of Karl Marx Hof in Vienna. Alban Bergs ?Wozzek? at the Opera in Vienna. Marlene Dietrich becomes a star with the movie ?Der blaue Engel?. Max Schmeling becomes world champion in heavyweight.

1931 Opening of the Empire State Building, New York.

1932 Liquidation of the Wiener Werkstätte.