WOKA LAMPS VIENNA® is located in the centre of the city of Vienna.

The fashionable Baroque - Palais Neupauer-Breuner, Singerstrasse 16, build in 1715 by an unknown master-builder is today a property of the family Metternich.

The picture shows an ancient engraving by Salomon Kleiner made around 1730.

Adolf Loos, one of the most famous Austrian architects of the beginning 20th century worked at the Palais Neupauer-Breuner as an adviser in the years about 1902.

WOKA LAMPS VIENNA® presents on several levels the complete collection of the lamps, designed by Josef Hoffmann , Adolf Loos and other leading architects of the first part of the 20th century (Classic Collection) Lamp-desigs of the second part of the 20th century up to todays creativity. (Artists Collection / Contemporary)

The gallery is also spezialized in rare antiques and pieces of art from 1900 to today as well as design from the 50s and 60s.

At the begin of the 20th century, while architecture and the decorative arts elsewhere in the world based themselves on past models from the oriental style to the ornate French genre and the art nouveau of Belgium and England. Vienna earned international renown for developing a totally new style, a completely original interpretation of art and design. Outstanding pioneers of this movement were the designers Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann and Kolo Moser in conjunction with members of the "Wiener Werkstatte", an organisation where the best craftsmen an most distinguished designers of the period worked in collaboration.

WOKA LAMPS VIENNA® succeeded in obtaining original manufacturing tools and equipment of the period, press tools, casting moulds, torsion meters and such like, thus enabling exact and authentic reproduction of the designs as they had originally appeared.

The families and estates of these designers grant WOKA LAMPS VIENNA® the rights to manufacture, promote and sell these lamps worldwide. WOKA LAMPS VIENNA® are now hand-crafted in limited numbers in Vienna.

Solid brass is mostly the exclusive manufacturing material The surface may be polished brass, nickel plated or lacquered in any style.

Foto: Karolinsky-Archive