Elsa Prochazka


Elsa Prochazka

Elsa Prochazka

Elsa Prochazka, born 1948 in Vienna, studied architecture at the Technical University in Vienna and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna at E.A. Plischke.

Since 1974 she works as a freelancer, she teaches since 1985 at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Furthermore she keeps a professorship for Design in urban regions at the GhK Kassel/Germany. Prochazka also plans interior design and exhibition arrangements.

Elsa Prochazka lives in vienna.

Her work is guided by two ways of thinking: First, the Viennese Avantgarde of the twenties, especially influenced by Josef Frank.

Prochazka got aquainted with these architectural ideas across her teacher Plischke.

The other influence follows the critical realism of the beginning seventies. One, guided by clear distance to design from Bauhaus and deStijl. The other one discovered the esthetical pover of daily life, the esthetic potential of triviality.

One moving towards modernity, that keeps the ballance between elegance, comfort, emotion and simplicity, subject and object in ballace. The other declaring the tasteless of everyday life to the only rules for a medial mass-culture.

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