Josef Hoffmann Fauteuil

Product No.: 80098
Art Nouveau, Art Deco
1910 / original
€ 20,000*
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Half Moon Fauteuil with original upholstery, can be renewed on request with no further cost Designed by: Josef Hoffmann Executed by: J. & J. Kohn, model nr. 428/F, Vienna, from 1910 H 77 cm, SH 40 cm, W 65 cm, D 60 cm Kunst und Kunsthandwerk 1910, year XIII, booklet 12, ill. p. 669 (table) cf Sales catalogue, Jacob & Josef Kohn 1916, reprint Munich 1980, ill. p. 54, No 428/F (Fauteuil), No 428 C (Bench) and p. 72, No 428/T (table) cf Giovanni Renzi, Il mobile moderno. Gebrüder Thonet Vienna Jacob & Josef Kohn, Milan 2008, ill. p. 256f