Dagobert Peche Chandelier 1918

Product No.: 22022
Chandelier, Pendant
Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Wiener Werkstaette
1918 / edition
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Lush and opulent decorated chandelier, handchased and hammered. Excellent and Brilliant craftmanship.

In the depressing time of the First World War Peche influnenced with his extravagant and cheerful creations the emphasis on the surface of the Wiener Werkstaette and can in that way be regarded as precursor of the today not exactly defined style of 'Art Deco'.

His bizarre phantasy renders soul to all the objects a person of his time would need for the daily use of just for luxury.

One image shows the signature on an antique chandelier, originally owned by WOKA.

Technical Data

65 cm (25.59 inch)
65 cm (25.59 inch)
on order
9x max. 60W
USA and CAN:
All electrical components according to the UL regulations.
With an additional charge the fixture will be labeled "UL Certified".


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