Iliev Iskren

About Iskren Iliev

1975- born in Varna, Bulgaria. 1996- lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Contemporary figurative artist interested in painting, etching, stage design, light and video Performances.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1995-Gallery Akrabov (Plovdiv,Bulgaria)
1996-Balabangallery (Plovdiv,Bulgaria)
1996-Gallery of Modern Art (Varna,Bulgaria)
1998-Gallery Abstract (Vienna)
2000-House … Read MoreWittgenstein
Gallery (Vienna)
2001-House Wittgenstein Gallery (Vienna)
2003-Art in Cantina Vecchia
2003-Hallamasch Festival 2003 (Vienna)
2004-Art Club I (Vienna; Buddha Club)
2004-East Meets West(Vienna)
2005-Passion at VIAarte Gallery(Vienna)
2006-Minotti Design Studio (Vienna)
2006-N. N. at VIAarte Gallery(Vienna)
2007-Both Feet on the Ground
House Wittgenstein Gallery
2007-Gallery Linde(Maria Woerth)
2007-'N.N.' at Gallery Landstrasse
2008-Gallery Siebenstern
2009-Gallery Linde(Maria Woerth)
2010-Gallery Rimmer(Velden/Woerthersee)
2011-'Alter Ego' at Gallery Rimmer(Velden)
2011-'Alter Ego' at art-com Gallery (Vienna)
2012 - Gallery Linde(Maria Woerth)
2013 - A[&]B Gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria)
2013 - 'Alte Kunst' at Gallery Offenes Atelier(Vienna)
2014 - Vernissage at SEED DESIGN (Vienna)
2014 - 'Lebenssprachen' at BKP Gallery
2015 - 'Urban Hope' at VIVA Art Gallery (Vienna)

Selected Join Exhibitions
1998-Chiesa Ssi.Cosma e Damiano(Palermo, Italy)
2001-Quidditas I (Vienna)
Quidditas II (Vienna)
Quidditas III (Vienna)
2002-Quidditas extra - Open House(Vienna)
Quidditas IV (Klagenfurt)
2004-Quidditas Silent Post
(Neulengbach; Gallery Lieglweg)
2006-7th World Triennial of Graphic Prints (Chamalieres, France)
2008-Showroom Vienna 2007
2008-'August in art'
Varna festival of visual arts (Varna,Bulgaria)
2009-'6 x Real-66 SL'
(Berlin;Austrian Embassy)
2009 - 'LUXURY, please.' 2009
2009- 1st Danube Biennale
(Bratislava;Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum)
2009- House Wittgenstein Gallery(Vienna)
2010- Gallery Bulgari(Sofia, Bulgaria)
2011- BKIS (Bratislava, Slovakia)
2012 – „So close, so far“ Bulgarian artists abroad (Sofia, Bulgaria; National Palace of Culture)
2013 – Neunerhaus Auction(MAK Vienna)
2014 - Neunerhaus Auction (MAK Vienna)
2015 - 'Map of the New Art' (Venice Art Biennale 2015, Italy; Fondazione Cini)

Selected Projects
1999-Gucci Fashion Show Stage Design
(Vienna; Orangery Schoenbrunn)
1999-Atil Kutoglu Fashion Show Stage Design
(Vienna; Orangery Schoenbrunn)
2000-Stage Design for Formula1
(Vienna; Orangery Schoenbrunn)
2001-Design Concept Winter
Opening on Heldenplatz (Vienna)
2004-Performance for the Maltese Cross Matinee(Vienna)
2004-Stage Design for Theatre Piece Let Me in the Sky (Vienna; Casino Burgtheater)
2006-Stage Design/Performance for Procter[&]Gamble5 Sences
2007-Performance/Visuals for Moscow Vienna Business Club
2007-Visuals for IBM Lotus After Business Event
(Vienna; Semper Depot)
2007-Visuals for Mobilcom Austria Xmas Event 2007(Vienna; Auteno)
2008-Visuals for CD Presentation 'Wanderer in Love'/Wladigeroff Bros [&] Band
(Vienna; Casino Burgtheater)
2009-'Doychinoff Symbioun Show'
(Vienna; Gallery VIAarte)
2009- Visuals for Mobilcom Austria Xmas Event 2009
2011-Visuals/CD Cover Drawings 'For the Greatest and Little Things'/Wladigeroff Bros [&] Band (Vienna; Porgy [&] Bess)
2015 - Imago Mundi 'Bulgaria: Save the Dreams'( Treviso, Italy; Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche) Less

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